20 March 2009

what I've done today

Whof, today we have had a long day, and done a lot of things. Usually we have no school on Fridays, but because of that we have almost no time at all on our radio project (making a 30 minutes long radio show) we had to come into college today for recording our show.

After struggeling a little with the recording thingie in the studio we managed to record our show.. or at least most of it, .. okay.. almost nothing, we have to continue later I guess ^^

Soo.. we had a day off, but were spending it inside, doing homework, on a day when it was sun and nice, niiiice weather .. that wasn't encouraging at all.. So when the time was about 3.30 we took off for a lunch in the park :D ..

Okay.. so after our lunch we went to the rail station and bought bus-tickets to London :D we are leaving on the 7th of April earlyy in the morning, cant wait :) .. Had to take some more photos of course :) .. ( we have permission for taking hundreds of photos! we are media students!! :P )
We also went to the beach after buying our bus-tickets :3

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