15 March 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

After we went out again yesterday we took our way to the cinema in Bournemouth. After a little thinking of which film we wanted to see we ended up buying tickets to Confessions of a shopaholic. The only thing was that we bought tickets to a movie which were rolling the screen at 20.55 .. at that time the time was just about 17.30 .. So to kill some time we went to "the moon in the square" a pub nearby the square in bournemouth. We ate some food and managed to sit there until the was aroud 7.

Then we thought.. aha, maybe we could walk in the park. We found ..um.. something we could climb in, you know pretending to be cool ninjas! .. after climbing and hanging, and sitting in that .. thing .. we laid down in the grass in the middle of the park and watched the stars. After a little while some boys came over, standing nearby. Then they moved a little. Then once more. Then one of them took a deep breath and walked over to us and asked "do you have some smoke by any chance?" then one of his friends said .. "was that all you were going to ask??" ... haha.. then we had to dissapoint them by saying we had no smoke :)

So when we had laid there for a while, becoming moisty in our clothes we thought we could just walk around for a while. We saw these cool lights in the sky so we followed it :P and ended up at the beach.. then we walked around in the sand, and watched the ocean for a while, then took the tour back to ODEON which was the cinema we were going to watch our film at.

Then we watched the movie .. It was really good actually - I liked it :3 ..

I guess thats that.. oh wait.. when we took the bus home another boy came over and wanted to talk. He managed to say something as clever as this;

boy: hi, .. were are you from?
us; .. were from norway
boy: oh.. okay..............so.. what language do they speak in norway?
us; uhm.. norwegian :3
boy; so its not like polish or anything?

anyway.. today we have clean our room, do homework.. and stay inside on a beautifull day as this :(

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