28 March 2009

No more writing for final major

I've decided that I am officially done writing this blog just for my final major project in multimedia. It will continue as I've done, but I wont put these posts I write from now into my web page. I realized that it was extremely clumsy copy and paste every single post I have written the past 3 months and make it into quite simular in photoshop pages. I came to think of that the teachers said we had to finish our project by next week, and now I have made about 58 pages in photoshop and are pretty tired of that. I also need to do a lot of it inside flash, so there is no time for making any more blog posts inside the web page, I do noot believe the teacher are going to read them anyway ^^

Anyways.. since the photography project as well needs to be finished by tuesday next week we went into college today to develope our pictures. I found out that most of my pictures are grey-white and not black-white.. and thaat is a bit sad :/.. but nothing I could do about that now..

I also think I'm on my way getting ill as well.. and that is noot good ^^..

but thats it..

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