29 March 2009

drap på romsås

helt serriøst, jeg begynner å lure på hva som skjer med verden.. eller norge mener jeg egentlig

her flytter jeg hjemmefra i 9 måneder til england, og hva skjer i mellomtiden? , jo skytedrama på karl johan, knivdrap på romsås (100 meter fra der jeg bor selv) og hva mer har ikke skjedd..

mens den store nyheten her borte er liksom snø .. 3 dager med en halv cm på bakken.. wooow.. nesten sånn at jeg begynner å tro det er tryggere her enn i lille norge.. hvem vet..

28 March 2009

No more writing for final major

I've decided that I am officially done writing this blog just for my final major project in multimedia. It will continue as I've done, but I wont put these posts I write from now into my web page. I realized that it was extremely clumsy copy and paste every single post I have written the past 3 months and make it into quite simular in photoshop pages. I came to think of that the teachers said we had to finish our project by next week, and now I have made about 58 pages in photoshop and are pretty tired of that. I also need to do a lot of it inside flash, so there is no time for making any more blog posts inside the web page, I do noot believe the teacher are going to read them anyway ^^

Anyways.. since the photography project as well needs to be finished by tuesday next week we went into college today to develope our pictures. I found out that most of my pictures are grey-white and not black-white.. and thaat is a bit sad :/.. but nothing I could do about that now..

I also think I'm on my way getting ill as well.. and that is noot good ^^..

but thats it..

23 March 2009

nothing, really

the teacher is finally happy with us!! At least our video teacher, he has been a littlebit dissapointed with us lately, I don't know why, but he seem to think that we are soooooo depressed and not happy about the cours and stay in England at all. So he has just made up his mind that we are failures. We on the contrary are very happy about the cours, the stay in England and this project. And I think he finally realized that today.. and that is pretty cool :D .. now he is even going to help us finding hotel in Paris, and maps and stuff for us to do while we are there. I think he got exited when we told him that we wanted to film in London and Paris, so maybe that was the thing he needed to accept us or something :P

20 March 2009

what I've done today

Whof, today we have had a long day, and done a lot of things. Usually we have no school on Fridays, but because of that we have almost no time at all on our radio project (making a 30 minutes long radio show) we had to come into college today for recording our show.

After struggeling a little with the recording thingie in the studio we managed to record our show.. or at least most of it, .. okay.. almost nothing, we have to continue later I guess ^^

Soo.. we had a day off, but were spending it inside, doing homework, on a day when it was sun and nice, niiiice weather .. that wasn't encouraging at all.. So when the time was about 3.30 we took off for a lunch in the park :D ..

Okay.. so after our lunch we went to the rail station and bought bus-tickets to London :D we are leaving on the 7th of April earlyy in the morning, cant wait :) .. Had to take some more photos of course :) .. ( we have permission for taking hundreds of photos! we are media students!! :P )
We also went to the beach after buying our bus-tickets :3

19 March 2009

vacation plans

I had little to do today, so I made myself a calender for when I, Isabell and Cathrine are going on holiday to London, and Paris. We all are looking a lot forward to it. It would be fun :)

For breakfast today I ate icecream :D .. because I and Isabell woke up earlier than we had to, so instead of sleeping more, we went to the park and sat there until it was time for going to school.

Aaaand I guess that is it.. no it's not.. I also went for a jog today! ..

Now.. That is it.. :P .. bye ~

18 March 2009

during class........

I miss him <'3

16 March 2009

long long day :)

I have been really good at school today! .. done lots of things

first in video we presented to Rob (the teacher) what our film was about. But he seemed very sceptic about it all, so he said he wanted us to go to an garden nearby and see if that helped us getting any better ideas..

the only problem was that they said the garden/gallery was closed on mondays .. and we needed to look at it and see if we could use it in our movie.. so then we went behind it and tried to take some pictures of it.. but theen we discovered the fantastic thing that we avtually could go inside it even though it was closed.. so we was once again cool ninjas :D

we went back to the school and wrote some written things we need to the movie.. like research, actionplan and those kind of things..

theen we had a long and boring day with civics and norwegian.. I got back a test I did two weeks ago, and I did not get a good mark :(

I was home from school by 18.00 .. thats soo late :/ .. in norway we are at home lates around 16.00 .. but that is how it is I guess..

15 March 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

After we went out again yesterday we took our way to the cinema in Bournemouth. After a little thinking of which film we wanted to see we ended up buying tickets to Confessions of a shopaholic. The only thing was that we bought tickets to a movie which were rolling the screen at 20.55 .. at that time the time was just about 17.30 .. So to kill some time we went to "the moon in the square" a pub nearby the square in bournemouth. We ate some food and managed to sit there until the was aroud 7.

Then we thought.. aha, maybe we could walk in the park. We found ..um.. something we could climb in, you know pretending to be cool ninjas! .. after climbing and hanging, and sitting in that .. thing .. we laid down in the grass in the middle of the park and watched the stars. After a little while some boys came over, standing nearby. Then they moved a little. Then once more. Then one of them took a deep breath and walked over to us and asked "do you have some smoke by any chance?" then one of his friends said .. "was that all you were going to ask??" ... haha.. then we had to dissapoint them by saying we had no smoke :)

So when we had laid there for a while, becoming moisty in our clothes we thought we could just walk around for a while. We saw these cool lights in the sky so we followed it :P and ended up at the beach.. then we walked around in the sand, and watched the ocean for a while, then took the tour back to ODEON which was the cinema we were going to watch our film at.

Then we watched the movie .. It was really good actually - I liked it :3 ..

I guess thats that.. oh wait.. when we took the bus home another boy came over and wanted to talk. He managed to say something as clever as this;

boy: hi, .. were are you from?
us; .. were from norway
boy: oh.. okay..............so.. what language do they speak in norway?
us; uhm.. norwegian :3
boy; so its not like polish or anything?

anyway.. today we have clean our room, do homework.. and stay inside on a beautifull day as this :(

14 March 2009

Today :3

I woke up kinda early today because of that Isabell were already awake. She were going to the hair dresser to dye her roots again, so I kept trying to sleep, but it was a failed attempt.. so then I got dressed and walked the whole way from poole to bournemouth.. in 30 minutes! just felt like walking really fast.. In bournemouth I bumped into Isabell who was just finished at the hair dresser. So then we walked around and I took some pictures for my photoproject. We ended up in the park under the sun - so nice :)

Were just home for a little while now, going to bournemouth again soon. Maybe were going to the movies or something =D..

that that for now ....


This is my room-mate .. one of them at least .. Aaaand because I am such a nice person I want to upload some nice picures of her.

She's really nerdy, as you all can see. She once sat a whole weekend watching Naruto .. she loves her whole selection of anime movies under her bed, and she can start laughing .. like litterally do that thing they call rofl.. rolling on floor laughing.

Oh shes a nice person, once after dinner she ran into our room, but when I came in I couldn't see her so I assumed she had gone to the toilet instead. But when I was about to enter my bed someone grabbed my feet and rolled out from under my bed laughing hysterically.

She loves making me mental from time to time. When she puts on her lovable music also reffered to as death metal she slowly makes me lose my mind. But there you have it, I am a nice nice person so I deal with. We have these competitions with who can play the loudest music, I usually win.

Naaa, just kidding :) shes really a super hero!

13 March 2009

Swan lake ballet

On Tuesday I and my room-mates Isabell and Cathrine went to see Swan lake - the ballet. It was really nice to watch. And we got good seats as well :D

We had dressed up in dresses and everything.. We went to a pub before the performance and ate dinner, so we had a good night out that day :3

12 March 2009

New blog

So I had to change my blog again, I had one at blog.co.uk but apparently I couldn't upload more than a certain amount of images before I had to go pro - means I had to start paying for it.. so then I changed to blogspot.

For those of you which reads my blog for the first time;

I am a 17 year old girl from Norway. This year I'm an exchange student in Bournemouth, England. I study media and communication at the Bournemouth and Poole College. The reason I write this blog is because of my final major project in the lesson called multimedia. I need to write a blog about my stay here in England and make a full-working web site in flash. I also have to make a little animation.

So thats a littlebit about me ..