16 March 2009

long long day :)

I have been really good at school today! .. done lots of things

first in video we presented to Rob (the teacher) what our film was about. But he seemed very sceptic about it all, so he said he wanted us to go to an garden nearby and see if that helped us getting any better ideas..

the only problem was that they said the garden/gallery was closed on mondays .. and we needed to look at it and see if we could use it in our movie.. so then we went behind it and tried to take some pictures of it.. but theen we discovered the fantastic thing that we avtually could go inside it even though it was closed.. so we was once again cool ninjas :D

we went back to the school and wrote some written things we need to the movie.. like research, actionplan and those kind of things..

theen we had a long and boring day with civics and norwegian.. I got back a test I did two weeks ago, and I did not get a good mark :(

I was home from school by 18.00 .. thats soo late :/ .. in norway we are at home lates around 16.00 .. but that is how it is I guess..

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