14 March 2009

Today :3

I woke up kinda early today because of that Isabell were already awake. She were going to the hair dresser to dye her roots again, so I kept trying to sleep, but it was a failed attempt.. so then I got dressed and walked the whole way from poole to bournemouth.. in 30 minutes! just felt like walking really fast.. In bournemouth I bumped into Isabell who was just finished at the hair dresser. So then we walked around and I took some pictures for my photoproject. We ended up in the park under the sun - so nice :)

Were just home for a little while now, going to bournemouth again soon. Maybe were going to the movies or something =D..

that that for now ....


This is my room-mate .. one of them at least .. Aaaand because I am such a nice person I want to upload some nice picures of her.

She's really nerdy, as you all can see. She once sat a whole weekend watching Naruto .. she loves her whole selection of anime movies under her bed, and she can start laughing .. like litterally do that thing they call rofl.. rolling on floor laughing.

Oh shes a nice person, once after dinner she ran into our room, but when I came in I couldn't see her so I assumed she had gone to the toilet instead. But when I was about to enter my bed someone grabbed my feet and rolled out from under my bed laughing hysterically.

She loves making me mental from time to time. When she puts on her lovable music also reffered to as death metal she slowly makes me lose my mind. But there you have it, I am a nice nice person so I deal with. We have these competitions with who can play the loudest music, I usually win.

Naaa, just kidding :) shes really a super hero!


  1. Hvordan legger du inn bilder, jeg har glemt det

  2. :P .. du trykker på add image

  3. Åja, så enkelt ja, haha.